PPOC-MB / Convention – Image Salon

PPOC-MB Image Competition 2016 [PPOC Members Only]

PPOC-MB Image Competition 2016 - Submission Deadline

  • Early Entry Deadline............................ September 12th, 2016 4:00 pm CDT (EXTENDED TO MONDAY)
  • Final Entry Deadline.............................September 19, 2016 4:00 pm CDT (EXTENDED TO MONDAY)


  • Saturday October 15, 2016
  • Location - The Wyngate Hotel, Regina, SK

Download PDF Rules & Specs 2016


PPOC-SK Image Competition Submission 

  • The files must be uploaded via the PPOC website.
  • The Terms & Conditions Agreement form must be completed on-line and payment submitted as well at this link.
  • All entries must be received by, paid for and agreements completed and uploaded no later than September 17th at 4:00 pm CDT.
  • To minimize uploading overloads and the possibility that your submission will be received late, it is highly recommended that you do NOT wait until the last minute to upload your submission



Manitoba Photographer of the Year

The Photographer of the Year Award is presented  at the annual awards banquet to the photographer who has the most number of excellent/merit/accepted images entered in the annual Image Salon Competition.

2015 Alexandra Morrison CPA
2014 Rodney Braun MPA, F.Ph.
2013 Charmaine Toews
2012 Alexandra Morrison CPA
2011  Alexandra Morrison CPA
2010  No Salon
2009  Fred Elcheshen  MPA, F.Ph.
2008  Ingrid Misner  CPA, F.Ph. (Portrait)
2008  Rod Braun  CPA (Commercial)
2007  Jeremy Dueck
2006  Bruce Hendricks MPA, F.Ph.
2005  Ingrid Misner 
2004  Joel Ross 
2003  Fred Elcheshen MPA, F.Ph.
2002  Walter E. Janzen  MPA, F.Ph.
2001  J.Carey Lauder (Commercial) 
2001  Fred Elcheshen MPA, F.Ph. (Portrait)
2000  Marlene Fast MPA F.Ph. (Portrait)
2000  Inge Horvath MPA (Commercial)
1999  Bruce Hendricks MPA, F.Ph.
1998  Walter E. Janzen MPA, F.Ph.
1997  Ron Gilfillan CPA    
1996  Fred Elcheshen MPA, F.Ph.
1995  Doug Ritter MPA, F.Ph.
1994  David Reede
1993  Keith B. Smith MPA, F.Ph.
1992  Fred Elcheshen MPA, F.Ph.
1991  Carmen Matthews MPA, F.Ph.
1990  Carmen Matthews MPA, F.Ph
1989  Carmen Matthews MPA, F.Ph
1988  Carmen Matthews MPA, F.Ph.
1987  Keith B. Smith MPA, F.Ph.
1986  Keith B. Smith MPA, F.Ph.
1985  Keith B. Smith MPA, F.Ph.
1984  Andrew Ulicki MPA, F.Ph.
1983  Keith B. Smith MPA, F.Ph.
1982  Ed Prokopchuk
1981  Andrew Ulicki MPA, F.Ph.
1980  * Gerhard Sawatzky
1979  Andrew Ulicki MPA, F.Ph.
1978  * Gerhard Sawatzky
1977  Andrew Ulicki MPA, F.Ph.
1976  * Gerhard Sawatzky
1975  Lorne Coultman
1974  Lorne Coultman
1973  * Gerhard Sawatzky
1972  * Henry Kalen
1971  * M.J. Hoban
1970  Andrew Ulicki MPA, F.Ph.

* deceased