PPOC-MB / Welcome to PPOC Manitoba

Welcome to PPOC-MB (Manitoba Region). As a member you will enjoy a significant number of educational opportunities, as well as the ability to interact with other professional photographers.  All of your rewards in PPOC ultimately depend on you being involved, so do not be shy about contacting photographers in your region.

Spend time searching our regional pages to find out more about Manitoba, upcoming events and our local members.  The pages of the PPOC website are where you will find information regarding member benefits, Accreditation, national Image Salon competition and photographic designations.

We look forward to seeing you at events and helping you network with other photographers in your area.



HISTORY OF PPOC-MANITOBA originally known as PPAM, Inc. (Professional Photographers Association of Manitoba, Inc.)

The first meeting of the Professional Photographers Association of Manitoba Inc. was held in 1965 under the auspices of Kodak Canada Inc. and Winnipeg Photo Ltd. (now Lifetouch Canada) with all professional photographers in the province invited to attend.  David Portigal was named President and the newly formed Association began its endeavors on behalf of the photographic profession in Manitoba.  The Association was incorporated in 1984.  The elected officers of the Association at the time were:  Tim Evans, Don Kish, Keith Smith, Bill Synychych and Brenda Brodoway were named as the Founding Directors.

Manitoba was a constituent member of PPOC Inc. and all Registered Professional Photographers, Registered Photographic Specialist, Colleague, Student, Sustaining, Observer, Retired and Life Members belong to the National Body and are entitled to the benefits and services of PPOC Inc.

In July 2010, PPOC underwent changes, as it adopted a standardized set of membership categories throughout its constituent provincial Associations.  The structure of governance was also modified to eliminate the Federal Council, replacing it with a Board of Directors that included a single voting representative from each of the Constituents.  This was a precursor to the Unification of all of the Constituent Provincial Associations, which took place throughout 2014.  PPOC's Regions, as the Constituent Provincial Associations are now nown, no longer conduct their own business independently, but rather, have joined together to form a single, stronger organization.  The vision set out by the original founders of PPOC remains intact, and it is PPOC's goal as a national organization to continue to elevate and maintain professional standards and ethics.


PPOC-Manitoba Presidential Honour Roll

2016 Pearl Angelini

2015  Cheryl Struss CPA 
2014  Cheryl Struss  CPA
2013  Eric Loewen  CPA
2012  Mimi Boulé
2011  Mimi Boulé
2010  Ken Frazer  MPA, F.Ph.
2009  Ken Frazer  MPA, F.Ph.
2008  Rod Braun (Jan-Oct)
2008  Ron Gilfillan  MPA (Nov-Dec)
2007  James Miller
2006  James Miller
2005  Carmen Matthews MPA, F.Ph.
2004  Carmen Matthews MPA, F.Ph.
2003  Walter E. Janzen MPA, F.Ph.
2002  Walter E. Janzen MPA, F.Ph.
2001  Marlene Fast MPA, SPA, F.Ph.
2000  Marlene Fast MPA, SPA, F.Ph.
1999  Adeline Loewen MPA
1998  Adeline Loewen MPA
1997  Doug Ritter MPA, F.Ph.
1996  Doug Ritter MPA, F.Ph.
1995  Walter Janzen MPA
1994  Thomas Podruchny SPA, F.Ph
1993  Rudolf Klassen CPA
1992  Fred Elcheshen MPA, F.Ph.
1991  Doug Ritter MPA, F.Ph.
1990  Carmen Matthews MPA, F.Ph.
1989  * Ronald K. Baleja CPA, F.Ph.
1988  Marlene Fast MPA, F.Ph.
1987  * Leo Reidke SPA, F.Ph.
1986  * Tim Evans SPA
1985  Keith Smith MPA, F.Ph.
1984  Cheryl Ulicki
1983  Bill Synychych SPA, F.Ph.
1982  * Peter Jansen SPA
1981  Adrian Price SPA, F.Ph.
1980  Andrew Ulicki MPA, F.Ph.
1979  * John Tyler
1978  * Perry Diamond MPA, F.Ph
1977  Henry Nikkel CPA, F.Ph.
1976  * Leo Reidke SPA, F.Ph.
1975  Andrew Ulicki MPA. F.Ph.
1974  Les Magnusson
1973  * Sheldon Zettler
1972  * Robert Taylor MPA, F.Ph.
1971  * Walter Toews
1970  Les Magnusson
1969  Lou Perrin
1968  * Ron Ayers
1967  * Arthur Best
1966  * Neil Campbell
1965  * David Portigal F.Ph.

* deceased